22/2/21:  Follow the link below for the February issue of the Rainbow                 Connection

8/2/21:  NW Regional Ultreya, Feb 20th - click on link here for details

9/2/21:  Southern Ultreya, Mar 13th - click on link here for details

8/2/21:  Please use the link below (Circulars / Meditations) to access

             the Prayer for February from our National Spiritual Advisor,

             Jane Lamont, and the latest meditation (6/2/21) from our

             Diocesan Spiritual Advisor, Lee Weissel.


5/2/21: Please see below a letter from "our man in Hong Kong",

            The Rev Will Newman, with an update on Hong Kong #3.

Three Day Weekends:  Exciting news!  Preparations are under way for Men's and Women's 34, to be held in March 2022.  Please start to pray for the team and potential participants.

Ultreyas:  Regional ultreyas are up and running again.  Please keep checking this page for details of upcoming ultreyas as they become available.  Follow the links above to the invitations to the NW ultreya on Feb 20th and Southern ultreya on Mar 13th.  A Northern ultreya shouldn't be far behind.

We still plan to have a 'very northern' ultreya on Flinders Island in 2021.

Group Reunions:  Are still meeting, either in person or via ZOOM.  If you are not already a member of a Group Reunion, may we urge you to join one.  They are the primary method of keeping the flame kindled during the Three Days burning brightly.  They provide encouragement, accountability and on-going fellowship.  A list of currently operating groups can be found on the Member Resources page.



Find the latest issue of the RAINBOW CONNECTION here (Feb 2021)

Find the latest communications from our Diocesan and National Secretariat here.

Dear Aussie Cursillistas


Thank you for continuing to include us as honorary members of Anglican

Cursillo Australia!


As you know, we were unable to hold HK#3 in 2020 due to the virus. We now have a date for this year, it’s planned for June 11-14. We also have a backup date in case we’re still not clear of the virus and able to meet freely by then, and the backup dates are September 30-October 3.


I think I mentioned in my last email that our new Archbishop Andrew Chan has gladly agreed to be our sponsoring bishop for HK Cursillo. Matthias who you met, who was Dean of our Cathedral, is now our Bishop of HK Island Diocese, and he will attend HK#3 as a participant. I’m glad to report that we now have 3 established small groups meeting once a fortnight on Zoom, on Tuesday morning 8am, Tuesday lunchtime, and Thursday evening 8pm. Zoom has really helped us to establish these groups more firmly, because it’s so much easier for our small community, living in scattered parts of the territory, to meet online. I tell the Cursillistas that the small groups are the lifeblood of Cursillo.


We are working to spread Cursillo beyond the English-speaking parishes and into the much larger Chinese-speaking Anglican community. TK and I will make a short presentation to clergy and lay people from Hong Kong Island parishes on March 6th, and then on May 13th Fr Robert, Alison, Evelyn and I will make a more detailed presentation to the diocesan clergy. We hope that the spark you lit when you generously gifted Cursillo to us will grow into a brighter flame.


De colores!


An update on Cursillo in Hong Kong (Feb 2021)

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