Hong Kong #1

(October 2018)

In mid-October 2018, 3 of us from Tasmania joined the team of 13 from Australia and 2 locals to introduce Cursillo to the Anglican Church in Hong Kong.  Margaret, Jane and I were all blown away by the generosity of people: the Tasmanian Fourth Day Community before we left and the folk in Hong Kong once we arrived there. We had an amazing time and were very much aware of the Spirit's presence throughout. Everyone involved, both team and participants, felt incredibly blessed. The participants were especially moved by the number of people who didn't know them, but had still sent them notes of encouragement and assurance of prayers.


Please continue to pray for the Cursillistas of Hong Kong as they prepare to run Hong Kong 2 in October 2019. May the Lord use the Movement to bring great renewal and blessing to the Dioceses of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui.

                                                                Ultreya!                               Shirley Tongue

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